Tahiti Tans

Tahiti TansTahiti Tans has been providing affordable tanning services in Grants Pass, Oregon since 2005. We are a small, local, family owned business and you will always find a welcoming atmosphere and personal service here.

At Tahiti Tans, we understand the desire to get a sun-kissed look without the harmful side effects of laying out in the sun too long.

Tanning Lotion and Product Display at Tahiti Tans

We also understand that your time is precious and you can’t spend hours trying to get nice and tan. For your convenience, we have 6 traditional lay-down tanning beds as well as 1 stand-up bed. You can easily pop in during your lunch break and come out looking like you just spent a weekend on the beach. Beds are also available for sale.

All the beds at Tahiti Tans are designed in accordance with the prescribed safety measures issued by the FDA. We also offer a variety of quality name-brand lotions so you can get the most out of your tanning session.

For more information about our tanning services and supplies, call 541-479-TANS (8267)! Be sure to ask about our discounted lotion of the week.